What You Need to Know Before Painting Cabinets

Although painting kitchen cabinets can seem like a simple task, there are a few things you should know first. You might be getting the clue that painting your cabinets is the greatest method to liven up your kitchen on a budget if you frequent Pinterest for the newest trends in fashion, entertainment, and home décor. After all, each DIY kitchen appears to have its own layer of paint that shines. There are countless color options—blue, plum, yellow—but the truth is a little less cheerful. Not everyone loves painting kitchen cabinets. To begin with, for cabinets to respond well to painting, they must be in generally excellent shape. A lot of things may also go wrong without the right knowledge and equipment. Here are some of the things you should know before painting cabinets. You can contact Painters Near Me if you're looking for professional residential painters.

Keep your expectations realistic for your cabinets

Painting is not advised if your cabinets are chipped, warped, or otherwise damaged, and it is not a universal cure. The stability and general quality of your cabinets will have a big impact on the results. Even in excellent condition, painted cabinets won't always appear ideal. What's missing from those styled Pinterest photos is the rough aspect painted cabinets often take on, especially if you have exposed grain that can be seen. Grain may always be filled in with putty, but this can be difficult and extremely time-consuming.

You must first prepare and clean the cabinets

It might sound like the perfect way to spend your Sunday—grabbing a can of paint and going berserk on your cabinets. Be aware that painting kitchen cabinets are not as simple as it may seem before you make that pot of coffee and begin began. Cabinets must be taken out, cleaned, and prepared correctly before painting. Your cabinets need to be properly cleaned using a grease-removing chemical, even if you believe they are clean. Clean your cabinets well before applying any paint to them. The paint will apply chunkily and leave a gritty finish even if there is just a tiny coating of dust on the surface. You will need to clean, sand, and start over if this does occur.

It takes more than a day

People frequently believe they can paint their cabinets in a single day, but it will actually take much longer. Cabinets and hardware will first be fully removed, followed by thorough cleaning and surface preparation. You will require a significant amount of time if you take into account all of this as well as the time it takes to apply the perfect primer and paint while also waiting for various coats to dry. The cabinet hardware is another thing to consider. There is no better opportunity to give the hardware a thorough cleaning than when it must be totally removed. Painting your cabinets will take at least one full weekend, but when done well, it normally takes closer to four to seven days.

Don't forget to label where all drawers, doors, and hardware go

It can seem simple to ultimately put everything back where it belongs after disassembling your cabinets. Consider again; it will be challenging to remember and discover anything after all of your cupboards and drawers are dispersed with a fresh coat of paint. Simply name your cabinets, drawers, doors, and hardware to make it simple to locate everything when the time comes, avoiding any problems with this. Are you looking for skilled residential painters at a good price? Then get in touch with Painters Near Me.