10 Things You Must Know When Painting A House Exterior

Some house painting jobs are extremely difficult to take them lightly. So, hiring top-rated professional residential painters to perform your job is worthy in such situations. You further have to keep a steadfast mentality, prepare your weapons, and get ready with the funds for these tasks.

Before hiring a trusted house painter to continue with your projects, you need to know a few things while getting exterior paints for the house. Here are those vital points to remember –

1. Weather

If you want to succeed in your exterior painting job, it’s essential to make a smart plan ahead of hiring painting contractors to perform your job. It’s better to select a warm season to get your exterior repainting for having beautiful looks. Because humidity can poorly impact your paint’s lifespan, make sure to select paints accordingly.

2. Groundwork

Surface preparation is a major concern to get an excellent painting job that’ll last longer. All areas where you want to get painted must be properly cleaned and sanded. The walls and trim must all be power washed, in addition to giving plenty of time for drying. To achieve a superb in your scrape surfaces, you need to remove all of the dust from there. Also, hiring professional residential painters to undertake your exterior painting job is a smart idea.

3. Price

The brands of paint you’ve selected will regulate their pricing. It’s important to choose a quality painting material to ensure it lasts for longer. And so, you need to do the estimation of exterior painting jobs ahead of beginning the task.

4. Bad Patches

Firstly, look for the damaged walls in your space while making plans to get a professional exterior painting service. In case you get to see poor patches in your space, make sure to get repairing work ahead of continuing with paints. In order to cover up small areas, it’s possible to patch inadequacies with wood hardener. But, large spaces will need to replace parts of the siding.

5. Combine Cans

In case your exterior painting work requires one or more paint cans, you need to make a smart plan to enjoy savings. Blending different shades to make a single color is a unique idea, which only certified painting contractors can perform with excellence. And so, it’s wise to contact someone expert in exterior painting job for the house.

6. Prime

Even though the latest technology of paint is adaptive, using a good primer is still advised by the trusted house painter. Some paint manufacturing units claim to offer primer within the paint, which is comparatively expensive. It’s better to read online reviews of the customer while selecting the right paints for the house.

7. Start From The Top

In order to avoid unwanted drips, you need to start painting from the top and work your way to the bottom for a better finish. This technique keeps it from drying into the paint and leaves behind lasting drips on your finished product.

8. Texture

You can simply consider adding a texture while painting steps or porches in exterior areas of the house. The dried surface might cause a coat of paint to get sticky, so you need to get suggestions to avoid waste of money.

9. Seal It 

If the lids are not properly closed, the paint will quickly be transformed to dry. Therefore, you need to seal it with a rubber mallet and a plastic wrap in order to prevent dryness from developing.

10. Landscape

It's difficult to have landscape painted accurately in your space. And so, you need to make some efforts to safeguard the ground and vegetation underneath your painting area. To protect your outdoor gear, you can use a plastic drop cloth as a perfect item to cover all of them.


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