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Winfield IL,

This Worked include: Drywall Finish, and Full Interior Painting.

Trims and doors were sprayed to get a high end finish.

Cealing were sprayed.

Walls were painted by hand.

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Bartlett IL,

This Worked include: Interior Painting.

Fresh coat of paint in all Walls, painted by hand.

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Dale Rasmussen

"Oh my gosh Santiago is amazing. I had a huge messed up ceiling from water damage. He went the extra mile to repair, caulk and paint the entire ceiling. It looks brand new. He was also a nice person to have in my home. He is a very talented person. I will have him again!!!"

Edwin Ivanna Gonzalez

"Santiago, is súper Responsable and Trustworthy. I have not yet meet any other contractor that is that detailed focus. He is a perfectionist and puts his heart in everything he does. My family highly recommend him."


"Santiago went above and beyond to serve us well. We had multiple occurrences where other contractors made mistakes, but Santiago came in and made sure everything looked perfect. His attention to detail and workmanship are second to none.
Though he wasn't the cheapest option, we are thankful that we went with him. He was always very professional, polite and accommodating to our needs. He also worked surprisingly fast for the amount of work that we needed. If you want your job done right the first time, do yourself a favor and call Santiago! "

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